Leadership Role of General Anthony Wayne

Leadership Role of General Anthony Wayne

Questionable Leadership Role of General Anthony Wayne

Anthony was a famous military officer. He served in both wars of campaigns at the time of George Washington administration, and American Revolution. He was popular for the military skills and determined leadership in the military.

Thereafter earning the name Mad Anthony. He was a very caring person and planned well before going to the campaign. At the revolution he played, he played a key role in 1777 campaign. His victory in the battle of the fallen timbers, resulting to the treaty of the Greenville, accomplished Washington administration primary policy, by ending the American Indian, for white settlement.

Anthony was born in Chester County on January 1st, 1745. He schooled in Philadelphia academy later becoming a survey. He worked for Benjamin Franklin concerning land speculation. He was married and they with two children. Due to increased tension from the British colonies, he joined Pennsylvanian legislature and the local committee on public safety. In January 1776, he was commissioned as the colonel in Pennsylvanian continental army.

The first mission of Wayne was reinforcing continental army. His services as far as the combat was concerned started at the USA winning the fight of trios- reveres in the month of June 1776. In the year 1777, Wayne was ranked to be brigadier general. At the beginning of spring, Wayne and the entire command moved to join another command, as it was getting ready to shield Pennsylvania against the British forces.

The failures of the American intelligence and British maneuvers contributed to the defeat of the Americans in the fight of Brandywine in September 1777. However, the presence of Wayne and his strong military combat skills made the attack to last for hours, and defeat from even becoming quite worse. After a week, there was a big surprise of a night attack, this resulted in many American causalities. The big number of the causalities made many people name it as the massacre.

Nevertheless, the historians have argued that many Americas exaggerated the entire incident over the propaganda. Wayne was later acquitted by a court-martial of inquiry, though it was a worse defeat. Wayne victorious campaign accomplished what no military and diplomatic efforts were able to do. In the treaty of the Greenville, the natives surrendered all their claims to Ohio. This helped in convincing the British, to abandon forts in the area as well. Sponsored by: deaneroadcemetery


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    Arnold Flavio May 13, 2018

    Leadership role of General Wyne is unquestionable , they should give credit to the accomplishment of British troops, the intelligence are reliable but only they are under-manned that time.

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    Doughlas Ford May 13, 2018

    When you trace the history General Wyne is about 32 years old that time, and he’s a General already. Although he is been tested on the battle of Brandywine where they lost, a week after Paoli Battle happened. My point is his mentality under pressure is an issue.They camp at an open field which is two miles away from the enemy exposing themselves, tired troops, under-manned, and neglected the Intel-reports.