A Horrible Tragedy in Paoli

A Horrible Tragedy in Paoli

Jeremy Gehl aged 37 years was reported to have killed his kids Leon Gehl 6, Addison Gehl, 3, after a home conflict. On Tuesday evening the kids were flown to Kosair Children’s Hospital where the daughter died and the mother was forced to make a decision on the thing to do. After two days the son had no improvements making the mother decide that his son was to be taken from the life support. Jeremy Ghel was said to have shot the kids outside Paoli home.

Brandi Knight who is a close friend of the family reported that she was with the family like an hour before Jeremy and the wife Randolph argued making the husband violent. She is still in shock of the happening.

Bill Drury the neighbor argued that she was prayerful and hopeful though God had other plans. Leon and the sister were good friends of Drury and they always went with him to feed his animals as they always met up at the mailbox to feed chicken and rabbit that would make him miss them more.

John Hutcheson who is the pastor of Central Baptist Church called on the people to come out and witness as he described the tragedy to be one of the worst ordeals in Paoli.

Knight told the people should pray a lot to God since the happening are not explainable as they lack a good explanation of what could bring about such a thing.

WLKY was told by friends of Randolph that she has stabbed many times on the facial part and also the neck but she was on the treatment process and hopefully she could get discharged by Friday. About the children, no plans of their burial have been made.

Leon had enrolled at Throop Elementary in Paoli as a kindergartener. Casey Brewster the superintendent of Paoli Community Schools sent condolences to the family and friends of Addison and Leon, medical practitioners who provided good care for the previous 2 days as the loss was a great one to classmates and the community at large. He also provided health officials and the clergy that could be of great help to the staff and students for emotional support.

Randolph can be issued with donations at the office in town.


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    Natasha Blunt May 13, 2018

    Sad to hear, but what happened to the father? Any updates on it? May their soul rest in Peace.

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    Brandon Ward May 13, 2018

    Poor children a victim bu their own father, they are nice kids. why so early their lives are taken.