7 Compelling Reasons Why Paoli is a Must-Visit Tourist Destination

7 Compelling Reasons Why Paoli is a Must-Visit Tourist Destination

There are so many reasons to visit Paoli, Indiana. With the state having the biggest children’s museum in the world, Paoli is chock full with interesting activities for family and the like.

Straddling Lake Michigan to its north side, Indiana has stunning water-based activities given that it boasts unique dunes, for instance, Indian Dines National Lakeshore. Moving to the south, kids will love the different culture as they learn more about the history of the place.

There are also incredible wildlife opportunities not just for adults but also for kids. The notable one has to be the Black Pine Animal Sanctuary, as well as the outstanding Wolf Creek Habitat. In this article, we tell you the 7 compelling reason why you should visit Paoli.

  1. An Opportunity to visit President Benjamin Harrison’s Home

What better reason than to see the home of one of America’s greatest leaders? His home is just within walking distance of Paoli and you can check it out to learn some history. But that is not the only thing you will do here. Take this opportunity to check out George Rodgers Historical Park and USS LST Ship Memorial. Plus, there are lots of excitements for the entire family at top attractions like Great Times Fun Park!

  1. Paoli Peaks

Based in Southern Indiana, Paoli Peaks is an exciting Ski Resort that offers a range of fun activities like snow tubing and snowboarding especially during the winter months.

It consists of more than 45,000 feet of modern ski and snowboard gear, plus a coffee shops and café-styled restaurants.

  1. Big Splash Adventure

Enjoy a staggering 40,000 feet of fun at Indiana, complete with an exciting array of water park activities. The entire family can look forward to some swashbuckling buccaneers.

  1. Marengo Park Cave

Marengo Park Cave offers underground adventure for the entire family complete with tours through its natural wonders and gemstone mining.

  1. Hoosier National Forest

In the South Central Indiana Hills lies a wide mix of resources and opportunities for people of all ages to enjoy. Back-country trails, rolling hills and rural crossroads make this beautiful forest a must-visit.

  1. Xplore Brown County

xPlore Brown County is hidden deep in the Indian wilderness, and it’s found at Valley Branch Retreat, in Brown County. It contains an incredible collection of outdoor activities especially for those with active families.

  1. Rocking Thunder Jet Boat Rides

Get engrossed in great river runs with jet boat rides that are along Kentucky and Ohio. There is more adventure, too.


As you can see, there aren’t many reasons not to like Paoli. With an opportunity to visit the largest children’s museum in the whole world, Paoli is a city rich in great American history. Plus, it has lots of fun activities which appeal to the whole family.