5 Lessons from the Paoli Massacre

5 Lessons from the Paoli Massacre

The battle of Poali is not a well-known battle as it has remained quite a preserve of the US history. It took place on the twentieth day of September 1777, during the American Revolution and ended with a decisive British win when America retreated. Hence the term Paoli Massacre. However, given its lack of popularity, a few lessons could be drawn from the war to create a little bit more significance into the war about the American Revolution.

 America vs. British Soldiers

It was fought between the British and the Americans when America was under the control of the British as it was a revolution against the British. The plan however backfired as the Americans were ambushed before the war commenced. It resulted in more American casualties than British causalities since the British. About fifty-three soldiers’ American soldiers were killed during the war, while 112 were wounded and 71 US soldiers were taken by the British as prisoners of war. The British only lost four of their soldiers while seven were wounded.

It was part of the American Revolution

Although a few may not view the battle as significant especially given that it is not quite popular as other battles that were fought as American strived to liberate themselves. The battle of Paoli is equally as significant as it paved the way and made it possible for all American to be liberated and brought the nation to its existence.

It changed the view of war

When the American Revolution started, an honorable war was being fought, but as the time went by, values started disintegrating, and as such there was no much honor in war. The British for instance ambushed the Americans at night, when they least expected, which also speaks contrary to how they previously fought. Hence they had the upper hand in the war which also saw an increased number of casualties from the American side as opposed to the British soldiers.

Its significance is different for different people

It is quite a significant war, and it has different lessons to be learned by different people. To the military persons and all people charged with responsibility for others, it teaches them about war strategies and tactics which enables them to have an advantage and protect the people better. While to historians and students of history, the battle is a way of learning of the path that the nation had to pass to liberation and achievement of independence not forgetting securing them all the freedoms they enjoy today.

Although not popular, the war chanted away for American liberation as it was also a great contribution to the great revolutionary war. Nonetheless, it posses the question as to why anyone would care about the war over two hundred years later. Although many people may not view it as significant or as a great contribution, the war was quite significant in the American Revolution as it rallied Americans against the British. However, to the students, it serves as a great way of understanding American history.